BUDDY SET от Singing Rock
    2 740 руб.

    Light and compact BUDDY tube and BORA GP HMS screw gate Keylock carabiner with safety wire gate together create superb unit for belaying in gyms, walls, rocks and on mountains. Simply anywhere!

    • safety wire gate keeps the carabiner in its proper orientation
    • easy manipulation with the rope
    • safe double rope usage
    • easy speed regulation
    • lightweight
    • effectively dissipates heat
    • provides silky smooth rappel
    • separates strands of rope
    • for use with ropes of diameter 7.8 - 11 mm
    • Вес 119 г.
    • Рабочая нагрузка 25 kN
    • Материал аллюминий
    • Допустимая нагрузка по основной оси 23 kN
    • Максимальная нагрузка Устройство 25 kN, карабин 23 kN