Код товара: C5057

Padded chest harness

  • designed to be used together with a sit harness

  • optimizes body position while hanging or falling

  • provides more comfort when climbing long multi–pitch routes
  • reduces the pressure on the upper body when having a large 
    quantity of climbing material
  • two detachable large climbing gear loops with a load capacity 
    of 15 kg with a possibility of adjusting the length of the loops
  • two classical gear loops with a load capacity of 5 kg

  • one small gear loop with a load capacity of 5 kg on left shoulder

  • easy to dress

  • made of lightweight breathable padded material

Must be worn with a sit harness. 
Do not use a chest harness alone!

Color: yellow with black
Weight: 435 g (± 15 g) • 15.34 oz (± 0.5 oz)
Size: UNI